Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Ten List -2011

I love reading top ten lists this time of year. I thought I would create my own of artist's work and show's I saw that have delighted and inspired me this past year...
I hope your Holidays were fun and that 2012 brings happiness, creative joy and peacefulness to you all.

Ruth Gurvich Her work amazes me, it is so beautiful it gives me goose it paper or porcelain?

Betty Woodman Always at the top of my list.

Ann Van Hoey So thin and tranparent..these pieces make me hold my breath.

Yayoi Kusama It's hard to discribe how touching the exhibit we saw of her work was at the Centre Pompidou, Paris this fall. Orginally we had gone to see the much hyped Munch exhibit (didn't love) and wandered into a side gallery showing Yayoi Kusama's sensual polka dot filled environments and earlier work. I LOVED it.

Makoto Kagoshima Oh his drawings are so wonderful and I love all the little lines and scratches that are so fabric-like.

Isabelle de Borchgrave She had an amazing show at the SF Legion of Honor in Feb.. Her painted paper dresses were fabulous.

Elke Saba Love her use of colored slips especially on these less precise vases.

Derek Au
(thanks to Melt My Heart)Love his pattern worked shapes.

The Museum of Hunting and Nature, Paris. This museum was right around the corner from the apartment we rented in Paris. We had visited it years ago and found it interesting but not spectacular. BUT it has been totally redone and is an amazing cabinet of curiosities, with videos, painting automated talking heads, ceramic bunny busts. If you have the chance to go see it...GO!

Craig Underhill Layering and scrathching on these large hand-built forms kept me staring at his web site for hours.


Anna said...

thanks for sharing these, I'll be checking them out.

Tom said...

Great links. Thanks for posting.


Great list! And best wishes regarding the show!

Naomi Cleary said...

really nice list